Erica Lange, Artist

Erica Lange, Artist
Image: Drawings and paintings and creations by Erica Lange

Erica is on Instagram: and @ericalange_art and @ericalangephotography


The Spindle Sisters

The Spindle Sisters
Image: The Spindle sisters paper dolls and other creations by Erica Lange and Abby Polakow
Purveyors of Excellent and Fantastic Paper Dolls, Stickers, Greeting Cards and other Fabulous Creations.
Erica is the Phenomenal Artist; Abby is the Awesome Creative Director.

Their awesome items are for sale on:
Etsy   and   eBay.
Also see them on:
Instagram and Facebook.

More Erica Lange, Artist
Her art creations and art albums below.
Erica's Pandora_Gold Digital Art Albums at DeviantArt
Erica Lange's Art Album at Deviant Art
Erica's Pandora Gold Art Album 1997-2007

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