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When my wife finished a correspondence class ahead of schedule, our youngest son asked whether we would be getting any money back from the school. "No," my wife replied. "A course is a course."
After a second of silence, the rest of the family--all fans of old TV shows--responded in unison, "Of horse, of horse."

-- From Reader's Digest, Nov. '97, David F. Michalicek (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


The baggage-claim carousel in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport finally started moving, and the crowd shoved forward as the first bags dropped off the conveyor belt. Then I saw a large cardboard box rise to the top of the belt, slide forward to the carousel and tip over, dumping its contents all over the place. Bottles, cans, jars and other paraphernalia spilled out in front of everyone.
- A woman gasped, and the crowd echoed her alarm. She righted her box and managed to place just a single jar inside before it moved beyond her reach. But then a total stranger bent forward, picked up an item and put it in the box. The next person down the line did the same thing, and the next, and the next. By the time the carousel went around, the entire contents had been replaced. A man lifted the bulging box off the belt and placed it on the floor. The crowd murmured its approval--and we all left feeling better.

-From Reader's Digest, Feb. '98, by Jerry L. Potter (Keene, Texas)



- When my Daughter and I caught only one perch on our fishing trip - not enough for even a modest lunch - we decided to feed it to her two cats. She put our catch in their dish and watched as the two pampered pets sniffed at the fish but refused to eat it.
- Thinking quickly, my daughter then picked up the dish, walked over to the electric can opener, ran it for a few seconds, then put the fish back down. The cats dug right in.

- From Reader's Digest, Dec. '97, by Susan Ward


What are the Odds?
- My boyfriend and I were both out of town on business for the day, and we had agreed to meet for drinks back in Charlotte, N.C., when we returned that evening. But when I went to the Atlanta airport to catch my flight home, bad weather had played havoc with flight schedules. I decided to accept Delta's offer of a free flight in exchange for delaying my return.
- I phoned my boyfriend's house and left a message canceling our date and asking him to please phone me that night in Atlanta at the Ramada Inn, Room 236. He never called. The next morning I flew back home and found a message on my answering machine. "Hi, it's me," my boyfriend's voice said. "I won't be able to make it tonight after all. My connector flight was overbooked and I gave up my seat for a free ticket. I'm stuck in Atlanta. Call me when you get in. I'm at the Ramada, Room 136."

-From Reader's Digest, Feb. '98, by J.R. Willingham


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