Where Does Magic Come From?


Chris Mills

Once there was a little girl who asked her Grandmother a very special question. "Grandmother, is there such a thing as magic?"

"Why, yes, my child. Yes, there is magic," said the Grandmother in surprise.

"Grandmother, where does it come from?" Grandmother slowly smiled. Then she grabbed the little girl and tickled her tummy. Their laughter filled the room and bounced around the house.

"Child, do you know what that sound was?"

"Yes, Grandmother, that was laughter."

"That, my child, was magic. When you laugh it makes the faeries dance."


Then the Grandmother smiled lovingly at the little girl. The girl smiled happily back.

"Do you know what we're doing, child?"

"Yes, Grandmother. We're smiling."

"It's magic, child. When we smile, it floats on the air to everyone around us. Then they smile too."


Then the Grandmother took the little girl's hand and led her outside. They laid down in the grass and stared up at the clouds.

"Tell me, child, what do you see?"

"I see clouds, Grandmother."

"It's magic, child. If you look, you can see anything you want in the clouds. Close your eyes, wish, and then look. You'll find your wish up there."


That night, when the little girl went to bed, the Grandmother gave her a good night hug. "Do you know what that was, child?"

"It was a hug, Grandmother."

"That was magic, child. When you give someone a hug, you pass on love and protection."


Then the Grandmother pulled the blankets up and tucked the little girl in for the night.

"Now, child, can you tell me where magic comes from?"

"Yes, Grandmother," the little girl said with a very sleepy yawn. "Magic comes from me."

Added March 27, 2005



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