Genetic Engineering and Frito-Lay



FRITOS-LAY of Dallas, Texas has announced it would no longer use genetically engineered corn in its products. THIS IS THE START OF SOMETHING BIG. But the biotech giants have started their own campaign to encourage Fritos to reverse their decision. If Fritos holds to their commitment, this may very well be the start of the downfall of genetically engineered foods in America.


PLEASE send them an email
or call them 1-800-352-4477 (ask for operator 100)


Tell them you applaud their decision.
Tell them that you do NOT want to eat foods that have been genetically engineered to act as an insecticide.

Laurel Hopwood
Sierra Club Biotechnology Task Force Chair

If you would like more information about Genetic Engineering, see Sierra Club's web site at Click on the Search option and type in genetic engineering. There's lots of stuff there.

Added February 17, 2000

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