A Love Story


"A Love Story"

Excerpt of The Open Line Issue Sept 1994 - from Spirit Web

Lecture given by: Drunvalo Melchizedek at 'Archangel Michael Conclave' Banff, Canada March 1994

This is a love story between you and me. There was a time before time, a long time ago, before we created this universe, when you and I were One, absolutely One. Beyond any words, beyond anything that we can say, any thoughts that we can think, we were One. We were God. Before any of this waveform universe was created or any of the dimensional levels of it were created - and it's vast, it's probably more vast than you know - all the stars that you look out into in the vastness of space and atoms going within at any particular point, that's nothing compared to What There Is. And yet, before any of this, you and I were in absolute unity. And we decided to create this universe, and we did it from a very and in a very specific way. We chose a specific shape which was not a shape then, which was a sphere. And from this sphere, everything that we know and even don't know came. There's no exceptions whatsoever. All life-forms, all bodies, all planetary forms and everything even beyond that, all came out of a simple, little round ball.


Once we created this external universe, which in actual fact was an experiment for us, we then decided to get into it. It's no problem for Spirit, for Great Spirit, for God to be in more than one place at once. In fact, God can be in all places at once. And so, God actually divided himself. Part of himself, herself, beyond sex, remained outside of the experiment and part of God moved into the experiment. And again in a very, very specific way, using the very form that created the experiment - that very specific pattern and shape which is sometimes referred to as the Merkabah - the spirit of God moved inside and began to experience directly what was created. That consciousness is now referred to as Melchizedek Consciousness. It was formless and there was nothing but Spirit and consciousness. There was no created anything other than the format. From there, the consciousness of God through Melchizedek divided Himself one more time into the consciousness of Christ. And that consciousness took on and contained the possibility of form. All form at all levels no matter who it is and where it came from came from the Christ and through the Christ. But when the Melchizedek Consciousness divided itself into the Christ, it automatically created a third component - something beyond itself and beyond the Christ, which could be referred to as the Supreme or Ultimate Personality of the universe, that which contains all life. That Ultimate Personality is very often referred to as God. It's a - Jehovah or Yahweh. It's given a name because it's within waveform and can contain a name. It is definable. But the aspect of God outside of the created universe cannot be defined, cannot be even discussed, can't even be talked about. There's nothing inside of us on any level what so ever that can reach that, except there is Who We Are which is that droplet of the original - but there are no senses within us that can reach that point.

We went on for a very long time in this particular way. These three components, in modern day times or Eastern Christianity, are usually referred to as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the Ultimate Personality, and the Son is the Christ, and the Holy Spirit (the formless) is the Melchizedek aspect. They've been given many names, many times throughout space and time. At one point, because it was possible (and life does anything - as long as it sees a possibility, it's going to do it because this is an experiment), we realized that there was a particular way that we could experience this reality that had not been tried. And so, we tried it. And we tried it several times actually And each time, it failed. It was disaster. It was absolute disaster. The last time is often referred to as the Lucifer Rebellion. It was not really a rebellion though it's been put into those terms and many people see it in that way. And it began within the angelic realms.

You see, God created two very special angels. They were the most powerful, the most incredible angels that He had ever created. One was Michael and the other was Lucifer. Lucifer was (his very name means the Shining One), he was kind of the top model that had ever been created. There was really nothing beyond him. He knew the entire understanding of the Knowledge from beginning to end. The only being that was beyond him was God Himself which in this case we're referring to as the Supreme Personality, though the Christ and the Melchizedek were also beyond that - the Trinity (put it that way) was beyond it. But there was nothing else. There were no individuals beyond it. And just as you know in your own lives what we do in human experience is we always strive to be the very best we can, and we use the models of our heroes and the great ones that have been throughout our history as those we try to emulate and be like and be better than actually. We try to be greater than them. We try to be the greatest that we can be. But we use them as the models. But Lucifer and Michael didn't really have that. They didn't have someone beyond them.

Lucifer's instructions and Michael's instructions were very different. They chose two extremely different pathways. It was not an accident. It was divinely ordained. Michael remained connected to all life, and to God, to all that was created and to the original plan, you might say. He never disconnected. He remained connected to the formless. And that was his job, and he remained connected to the Light, if you will.

Lucifer, though, chose a different path and the path was in the seed of his creation from the very beginning. He had no one beyond him, and so he tried - the only one that was beyond him was the Holy Trinity - and so he tried to be like the Holy Trinity in fact, he tried to be better than the Holy Trinity, better than God. He tried to ascend to the heights that God was. That was his job. And the pathway that he chose was by the understanding of the knowledge of the Merkabah, and how that was the image field that created all the created aspects of the universe and All That Was. He knew what it was. He knew that the very shape of it was the shape of the living galaxy that we are in. If you look at the heat envelope of the galaxy, it looks like a flying saucer. It looks just like one. That's because the flying saucers are actually copying the heat envelope which will be seen throughout the reality in all kinds of levels, not just on the larger ones. And so he created an external Merkabah, a synthetic field which was a space-time dimensional field that was able to move through all space and time and dimensions. And it is what we call a craft or a flying saucer. He was the originator of this.

And he began to create a separate reality, a reality separate from all the rest of created reality - separate from Michael. This was ordained because Life wanted to experience what this was. Only Lucifer believed that he could now accomplish this in a way that would not end up in the way it had three times prior to that. No one believed him - hardly anyone. According to the Bible, one third of the angels did believe him, a very large portion did. But the majority did not and simply sat back and watched.

In fact, even today, there's very little involvement in this thing we call the dark and the light. The majority of consciousness simply witnesses and does not become involved in it, in one way or the other. You have four kinds of beings out there in the existence of Life. You have ones that are of the Light. And their purpose is to move into order and to bring harmony and peace and love throughout the cosmos. And then you have the beings of chaos or darkness who are opposed to that (harmony) who bring chaos into the whole thing. Then there are those who have chosen both ways. They sometimes are the dark and sometimes are the light depending on what they feel is the best case. Some of those would be the particular Pleiadians, the Semjasians that have come in, who choose which way they think is the best way from their view-point and reality. But the vast majority of Life is neutral and doesn't do anything. It's simply watching the experiment within the experiment to see what's happening, to see which way it goes.

And so, this last experiment that Lucifer and Michael began is really brand new. It's not very old. It's really not more than a couple of hundred-thousand years old. The prior one to that ended about a million years ago or 900,000 years ago. And there's ones that go further back than that. So this is a relatively new thing, and it kind of corresponds with the time when we became conscious on this Earth. This particular evolutionary pattern that we are in started just slightly after this whole thing began.

And so, stretching out through time and space, many beings, many races of beings and many levels of life began to create the separate reality and move into it and we did it, too. All of us chose the path of Lucifer, every one of us. You may not want to agree with that but you did. We're here, and we're in a synthetic environment, and we're totally involved in synthetic understanding and science. Does Michael have spaceships? Is he involved in that? He's formless. They're not involved in synthetic science. They can do anything without science because of their intimate connection with all Life and the original way that the reality was created - anything, they can do absolutely anything, anything that imagination or memory and what's possible is possible from Spirit simply by your connection with God. But Lucifer did it through synthetic reality.

All of this has led to a situation throughout the cosmos that for a long time appeared to be going to end up in exactly the same way that it had in the three previous times before this - up until just recently. And the complexity of what's taken place over the last 13,000 years is a little bit more than I can get into at this point right here, right now. But it's an extremely complex pattern of events that have occurred here on Earth that have led to a series of events that started in 1972 (which is just a second ago) that have led to a situation here on Earth that is absolutely unique in all created time and space. Never before ever, anywhere, has the situation that's now occurring - there's nothing even close, not even sort of close to what's occurring right now.

We can't really tell the incredible, awesome phenomena that's occurring on this planet because we are inside of the particular experiment that's going on here. If we were outside of this on higher levels of consciousness looking back in, then we would know. But from where we are now, most of us are pretty veiled and can't see this. We can sense it, we can feel that the events are moving very quickly. We can sense the urgency although there is really not an urgency because everything's perfect. But we can sense that many people have that feeling that something amazing is occurring. But we don't really know how absolutely amazing it really is.

In 1972, because of approximately one hundred external races off of this planet headed by primarily the Sirians and another race of beings within our own solar system that are spoken about in the Sumerian records (called the Nephfilim) and many other races of beings who believed in them, a simple experiment was implemented on this planet that began in the middle of February of 1972. And this experiment has escalated into a series of events that have led to this extraordinary situation that we are in.

In the very beginning, the Earth was really just a speck of dust in the middle of nowhere. We are really no more important than anything else and from a galactic command center, the Earth is (prior to 1972) moving along in the same patterns - in this galaxy, at least 80,000 other planets are almost identical to the situation we are in. But this one began to go in a totally new, completely different pathway never seen before. And it began to attract the attention of people from everywhere. First, other smaller places. And then it began to spread out, and it started spreading out further and further until finally the very core of the very galaxy that we are living in (our larger body, if you will) became focused on this place because it was becoming pretty clear that this was something brand new. And things that are brand new don't happen very often in this reality. We've kind of exhausted most of the brand new things. And this was brand new. And then it went beyond galactic. Other galaxies began to become interested in it and other ones and then hundreds of thousands of them, and then millions of them, and then inner dimensional and then to other worlds that we can only imagine and there's millions upon millions of these other dimensional levels that are just as vast as this one. And pretty soon, something happened that has never happened except once before - and that was in the very beginning - all of life began to focus on Earth, everywhere. That's never happened before. And that in itself is an incredible phenomena because attention affects the way of the outcome of events.

And so, the Ascended Masters, which are the cream of our particular evolutionary pattern who have gone ahead of us, who thought they understood exactly what was going on, began to get confused and didn't really know what to do in many cases because every time they turned around a situation would develop that there was no known memory pattern to deal with it. They think they know what they're doing now. But they fully realize that that could change instantaneously and move in a direction that they're not going right now. So, everybody's winging it. They're definitely winging it. I don't care who they are or how high up they are, we're all winging it right now.

What's happened is the God aspect outside of this part of us, outside of this, I believe, through the Melchizedek Consciousness, planted a seed inside of this reality a long time ago in the very, very beginning - a little tiny seed which was the seed that was pulled out of the reality to create this experiment that happened in 1972. And we knew in the very beginning that some day this seed would be planted. I'm sure we knew exactly where it would be planted, too, when you and I were One.

Now, it appears to us that God, outside of this created experiment, is taking us to another level of existence beyond our imagination or what we can possibly dream and I mean on any level of existence of us that is within it. Either that or it's a total recall. We're going home - not just home, back to the original cycle of all things, but back before this was ever created. Something real big is occurring. Something very huge is occurring. Because of this, because of the very extraordinary nature of the events that are occurring, it requires us here on Earth to take a different viewpoint from the one that we have held for a long time. For a long time, it was necessary for Michael and Lucifer to struggle against each other. That was their job. They were supposed to do that. You see, it had a function beyond what you would normally think. What it did in the course of events, it acted as a timing device. In other words, if you have a planet or even a person or anything else like that, the forces of good and evil, if you want to look at it like that, or dark and light that react inside of your life, that are constantly approaching you from all different directions, have a holy purpose beyond just what might appear. Their purpose has to do with timing of events. In other words, the dark force, the dark brotherhood does everything it can to make sure that you don't evolve - everything it can - pull out all the stops, does everything it can to stop you. And the light force does everything it can to get you to raise up and to move higher in consciousness. And what it does, they're working together as a unity on one level, so that you move at exactly the right moment in time. The God that created both of them (the aspect is beyond all of them) works through both of them not just one.

Though we - because we have gone into polarity or duality consciousness which we all have now, we have broken this down into what is good and what is bad and we now judge everything. Every single event that occurs - the words I'm speaking to you right now, you're judging moment to moment, whether I'm saying something good or something bad, saying something right or saying something wrong. But from a higher level of life, only God is present here, only God is moving through my words and through into your ears and only you and all that is occurring is God. There's really nothing else. There's an absolute unity that has always been and always will be, and we can't see it because we chose this particular pathway which was right. We did the right thing. There's no reason to be guilty about this. We chose this, and it was what we were supposed to do.

But now, now we have to take a different pathway. It's already occurring on the higher levels of life and that's why this conclave was even allowed to take place - why Michael allowed it to happen was because the dark and the light forces are now merging into oneness again. The war or the struggle that has gone on for so long which was necessary is now becoming unnecessary. And a unity that we once knew a long time ago - we all can remember it, we know it, we can feel it, we've got it in here. We know what it is. That unity is going to begin to move under the Earth. It's already moving into the higher dimensional levels of the Earth. It's already occurred. We're always the last ones to get it, you know. That's the way it is. It comes down through the Council planes and things happen on higher levels and eventually manifests down here. This is already occurring. Lucifer and Michael have made an agreement, and the struggle is ending.

We, as the leaders - and you are the leaders in the world right now, you are the ones who other people will be looking to. You are the ones that must begin to live this new experience, and you do it through your life. There's no other way. Forget the words, they don't do much. It's how you are in your actions with all Life. And what it means is that we drop all the judgments, just eliminate them and come from a different place where we see that no matter what's occurring there is absolute perfection in reality that's occurring, that God is in every moment no matter what's occurring, that there is a higher purpose in it. Even if it's a war going on, drop the judgments of it being good or bad and begin to move from a place where you see that all of this, all that we have done over the last 200,000 years, is gonna take us to a place where God wants us to go, a place - something that we can't imagine right now, we simply can't. There's no words. I can't talk about it. I know the steps that we're gonna move through. Initially, I know these steps very well. I've been through them. I understand them, and I could talk about them. But we will eventually come to this place that's beyond what I know and what Melchizedek knows and what Christ knows or even the Supreme Personality knows. We're going to go into something brand new.

This is really hard because the consciousness of good and evil is ingrained in us so great, it's in every cell of our body, and to no longer judge - we still have to discriminate and that is a form of judgment. And so, it's this fine line until we move, until we get to the place where we can move beyond all of this and realize that we can't just (snaps fingers) like that totally become this other thing. Enlightenment is not a destination or a place you get to. It is a pathway or a journey that goes with every breathe, every moment along the way, and we grow into these other stages. From the place where we can move from is right here and now, it will still be here and now, but it's never ending. If we can begin to just - every time we come into a situation - we get into a taxi cab or anything else like that or someone yells at us or whatever it is, and we don't take anything personally any more and begin to function from this pure state of just pure consciousness. If you do this and if you can begin to do this, you're gonna find something very amazing begin to occur. The higher spirit of God will begin to move through you in a brand new way and all that you do, no matter how little it is, even if it's just moving over and picking up a glass and moving it that far, can change the energies in a room in a way beyond what you would normally know and can affect life in a very positive way.

I don't really know where all this leads. I'm winging it, too, on this. I do know that this is what we have to do. We've got to stop our Judgments and become simply compassionate. Forget all the hierarchy of who's higher and who's lower, who's better, who's worse. From my point of view, Jesus the Christ and a drunk in the gutter are at exactly the same level. We're all exactly the same. There is only God! It's all there is. There's nothing else. And I really believe that if we can incorporate this into our lives, that the power of the universe will begin to use us and work through us to create the world that we're really looking for. The dark brotherhood and the light brotherhood appear to be so different that it doesn't appear or seem like it is even possible to find a dream, a reality, that could incorporate both of those dreams without chaos. It never has before - the Greys, for example, who have been searching so desperately for a way out because they know they can't get out of here within this existence. Instead of looking at these races and various people that have caused so much chaos as the enemy, if we look at them as us, a part of us and who we are and we hope and pray for a solution, not just for the light to move up, but we hope and pray for a solution for the dark as well. We hope and pray that all of Who We Are (and we are all Life) can find a way that will - some way that we can live together and find love between all of us. And that has always been considered impossible. But I don't believe this any more. I believe that it is possible. And I think, that it is beginning right now, right here - though there are other schools and mystery schools around the world where it is beginning at the same time. You already know this. This isn't anything new. Big deal! But it's a big deal if you have to live it. It's not easy, you know. It's easy to tell somebody, go out and love everybody. It's really hard to do. It's probably the hardest thing on the whole planet to do. If you could give a more difficult situation, I don't know what it would be. But I believe not only for me but from within yourself and all different levels, you're gonna continually get this message that this is what we have to do. We have to allow all life to come into unity and back into Oneness again, not just a little piece of it. It's not just wearing white clothes and thinking of the Light. It's thinking of all those in pain and confusion as well and accepting that as part of you, not just here on Earth but everywhere, down to the very darkest of all the dark beings - that we find this way for everyone to move through. I think that's pretty much it. (laughter)

There's an event coming up in our lives: God, the Holy Trinity, working with God outside the universe, is about to create a show for us all over the world in various ways. It's a demonstration of the Great Spirit that moves through all of us. It's going to happen over the next few years. I believe it's going to begin this year. I'm not very much into being a prophet. I don't even like to do that, especially under circumstances where the events are moving so erratically that to prophesize at this point is really stepping on thin ice, because all the prophets right now are - well, it's extremely difficult because of the rapid changes and the things that are going on.

You take a look at Edgar Cayce for example - made over 14,000 predictions - 12,000 of those predictions came true. He only missed one prediction out of 12,000 prior to 1972. But after 1972 when certain changes were put into our environment, the prophecies of Edgar Cayce began to go astray in a lot of ways. And they didn't really understand why because Edgar Cayce didn't understand why. He was prophesizing from the Akashic Records based upon what would probably occur. And you can get very accurate in those kinds of prophecies but not when the very mode of the change of the reality is changing from minute to minute. This is a brand new situation. Nostradamus is the same way. He was about eighty percent correct until 1972. And he's fallen way off. So, to make a prophecy right now is - we could be heading right for something and it's going to happen for sure, and then (snaps fingers) we all turn and move somewhere else.

What it looks like right now is that we're about to have the first major prophecy of the Hopis to occur later this year. We'll see. The Hopis predict that the sky will turn red. It's also predicted in Revelations in the Bible. There was a comet that began to approach Earth, well actually Jupiter, last year when we became aware of it. And as it went around the Sun and actually came into our orbit through the solar system, NASA predicted that that comet would strike Jupiter in December of 1993.

However, there's a person named Maryann [?] Shinfield who is a psychic of extraordinary dimensions who said to them, "No. You're wrong. It's going to happen in July of 94." And when that comet came back around the other side of the Sun where they could actually see it and make real accurate predictions, she was right. It's gonna start hitting on July 19th and the final one will hit on - there's actually, they [NASA] say, 24 comets, 24 pieces of this asteroid (puzzlement in the audience). It's going to strike July 19th, the first ones, and the main one will hit on July 24th of 1994 which is right in the middle of the Sirian Window, the Egyptian/Sirian Window, which is one of the primary windows for initiation. It's a planetary window. It's no accident that this thing is hitting at exactly this moment. And it will be the biggest phenomena of this kind ever recorded in the history of man. This is from a scientific point of view. It's going to be striking on the dark side of Jupiter just about one hour within our view.

And Maryann Shinfield, who is an unusual women - she's blind - has no retinas, she can't see at all - totally blind, 100 percent, yet she can see this room as well as you and I can. And they don't understand how. They're about to make a movie on her because she's so unusual. She's like this totally unusual thing. And we've become very good friends. I really trust her, actually. I know where she's coming from. At one point, she allowed me to see what she sees. So I saw through her eyes. And what she's doing - even though she's sitting in a room back East, her field of view is, she's floating through the solar system. She sees the stars and the planets. That's what's happening on a daily basis with her. She can move right up and across to Jupiter or anywhere else. She was able to prove this to NASA because she was able to move alongside their satellites and tell them what was happening, what the readings were. And this absolutely blew their minds. They, in turn, have tracked her - she can't breathe without them listening to anything she says. People like Richard Hoagland and Colin Andrews are also extremely interested in her because she has an eye, into the solar system, that's extraordinary.

And so, for a long time, she was actually floating alongside these asteroids, looking at them, telling NASA what was happening, because they were breaking into pieces. She also predicted way back even before NASA knew what was going to happen in January that this event would compact the Earth's atmosphere in some way and cause the sky to turn red. From a scientific point of view, it's not real unusual. The sky is blue because the light passing through the atmosphere polarizes as it moves through the atmosphere and turns the sky blue, at least if the Sun is straight overhead, it's blue. As the Sun begins to move down toward the outer edge of the horizon at sunset or at sunrise - here's the Earth down here and here's the ball of air around it - when the Sun is coming from above, it doesn't have to travel very far, so it polarizes to the color blue. But when it comes from over the edge, it has to travel further to get to you, to your eyes, and it polarizes more and it shifts more to the orange and the red. So you see the sunsets that turn the sky more into orange and red. If the sky were to become more compacted somehow, and I don't understand how this could really take place, then it would polarize the sky more from the blue into the red. It's very possible that this could take place.

Another aspect of the phenomena of the striking of Jupiter is that Jupiter is a gaseous planet. It's huge, it's enormous. There's actually a low-level fusion going on inside there. If this comet were to strike it in a very particular way, and this is not outside the possibility of present day science, it could turn it into a Sun. And that, of course, would definitely wake up a lot of people. So, if God wants to do that . . . these are the kinds of the things you are going to begin to see as we begin to move further toward the beginning of moving into the hyper-dimensional space that's around Earth - fourth-dimensional consciousness, fifth-dimensional and higher. I think that we will see these kinds of things even before we go into the mass Ascension that will eventually occur. They're there for us to remember. The reason the Hopis put it in their prophecies was so that their people could remember, and that when they saw this, they then had a very definite game plan of exactly what to do. They know exactly how to proceed once they see that particular sign. And you will, too, also. You'll know exactly what to do. You will remember aspects of who you really are. And you will begin to merge with parts of yourself on higher dimensional levels, what some people call the Higher Self, and things will begin to happen very naturally and organically. The only problem is the speed at which we're doing it at - which is the part that we're concerned about because we're moving very quickly in these kinds of ways. But, ugh . . . [unintelligible question asked from the audience]

No. This will be a phenomena that will be seen, I believe, anywhere in the daylight aspect of the world. I don't know if it will be seen at night. Yeah - (another question is asked) you guys can ask questions. It's ok with me.

The Egyptian Window - there are certain places as we move around the Sun (which is not occurring. by the way - it's an illusion)

Remember when we used to fake it, when the world was flat, that all the stars and everything rotated around the Earth? We believed this for a very long time. We extremely believed it. In fact, the Catholic Church - if you didn't believe it, would kill you. Only four-hundred years ago, we then went back to the belief that the Earth was round and that we rotated around the Sun. And today, we absolutely believe that. We're totally convinced that that's true. And if you were to tell anyone right now that it's not true, they would think you're crazy. But, I tell you right now, it's not true

There's another phenomena that's more accurate you see, the one where we think we travel, where everything moves around us, that was accepted because that was the visual effect experienced. Mercury appears to be going in a loop-the-loop pattern which is why Mercury appears to go retrograde so often - and the stars appear to be making these "flower" patterns, which is simply of the visual aspect. But the mathematics associated with such a pattern are extremely complex. The only reason that the one we have now accepted has been accepted, is because the mathematics are much simpler. And so, we've accepted this, and we now think that we're rotating around the Sun. Just believe me, eventually we will see that there is even a simpler pattern - something else Occurring that we can't even imagine right now. It's not happening that way at all. It's something else. I can't get into it right now (audience sighs). It would take at least twenty minutes. I've only got a few - about four minutes left here to do.

But we are doing that. And there will be changes in the way that we view ourselves - changes one after another, of what we thought was true constantly being wiped aside and replaced by something that's more incredible but more workable. And this is our growth patterns that we will grow through. These growth patterns will become vaster and greater as we merge into higher and higher levels of understanding that already exist. There's no problem here, everyone. We're gonna go through this just fine. There's no reason for fear. We really should be very happy and grateful that we have made it through to where we are now because we will go home now. (audience cheers) All the fear predictions that are going on, etc is - that's ok. The fears we have on all levels hold us back. They're necessary. They keep us from going until the right time. But you're gonna find at one point that you're just gonna let go of all your fears. You're gonna become an absolute fearless being and you're gonna merge back on levels that are just incredible. And we're there, we're here. We're really doing it. It's gonna - we're doing it now, though we're moving still pretty slowly. We're gonna be moving very quickly soon.


(Unintelligible question). She asked what happened in '72.

We were created - I can only say this very quickly because we've only got a couple of minutes left. We were created by a race of beings. God uses people to create people. Just like we, male and female come together to create a child, it is races of other beings that create other races of beings. And we were created, and this is in your records right here on Earth. Look into the Sumerian records and see. You'll see that we were created by a race of beings from another planet in our solar system called the Nephfilim. What are not in the records but are there but haven't been interpreted correctly yet - that was the mother aspect. The father aspect of us, that part that came from outside the system, the sperm aspect came from the star Sirius. There are very deep reasons why that part was joined with us. And so, our mother and father aspect were these two very specific races of beings.

Specifically, the father aspect of us performed an experiment on Earth that was done legally, and got permission through Galactic Command and everything which had never been performed ever since the beginning of time and space. It was designed to try to prevent us from annihilating ourselves. If this experiment had not taken place, we would not be here now. The Earth would be a dead body not ever able to be used as a "starseed" to bring new races out. It would have been gone. But the experiment was allowed to take place. And the experiment - the initial purpose of it was to protect us against certain things that were going on in our environment. And also, to speed up our evolution so that we could get to a place where we could take care of this situation ourselves. What happened though, it has speeded up our evolution faster than anything that has ever been seen before. In a particular kind of way, we're out of control. We are evolving faster than has ever been seen before. We're just like - you don't know because you're inside the experiment. But if you were outside the experiment, you'd be seeing it with your mouth wide open. "How could that possibly be happening?" But, it is. And we did it, and we are One.

(Question) Is there any information about April 23rd? I've heard this, come up, but I have received nothing.

We have all kinds of harmonic nodes that are going on here between now and the year 2012. The final one ends on 12-12-12, December 12th of the year 2012. There will be an experiment that takes place which will end all experiments, and that experiment will take twelve days long. And on that day, on December 24, Christmas Eve, will be the end of this experiment. At least, that' s what we now believe though something else might happen. It happens that December, 24th, 2012 also happens to be the day that the Mayan calendar ends. They didn't go any further because there's no more time. There's no reason to go any further. We move into another level of time where the Mayan calendar is inappropriate.

I want to just thank you. And I really hope that what I have said helps you.

This story came from spiritweb.org, which no longer exists.

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