To my fellow, aspiring master programmers of LIFE (all races, sexes and ages).

Note: This is not a personal letter to any one of you. Rather it is a commitment to increase and accelerate my own conscious programming and my heartfelt invitation to all my human brothers and sisters who share a similar vision.



Many voices call this the "Electronic Age", not realizing that "electronics" is but one brick in the "Greater Structure" of the "Master PLAN".

In truth, this is the "Spiritual Awakening Age", breathing, at least, the promise and potential of a higher consciousness for mankind, which will profoundly reformat both electronics and the very atomic/molecular structure of our physical reality.

I have recently been privileged to observe a master at work; a master computer programmer. He has briefly explained parts of his work to me. Each line, each symbol of code must be precise with an exact and established agenda and purpose. Nothing is superfluous, wasted, unnecessary or out of place. Incorrect code, even one symbol, simply creates a "bug" whereby the overall program will work at less than maximum efficiency. A virus is simply code which scrambles the original format, thus creating death to the intended program.

The MASTER PROGRAMMER of LIFE is the man or woman who knows that every "THOUGHT", every "EMOTION" and every "WORD" absolutely creates his or her "Program of Life".

The Master Programmer is aware of the intent of his Life's greater purpose in this Now moment and chooses his format with a care, a precision, and an authority beyond the scope of computer programming. He knows that the integrity of his creation lays the foundation for the fullness of LIFE, itself. He is fully aware that every thought, emotion and word contributes through its energy signature and intent to either the life of the program or to its death.

To those not yet ready to take full responsibility for their own lives this may seem like very heavy stuff. To the MASTER, who knows that his/her life is no less then the grand and fine ART of INFINITE BEING, it offers an unlimited and unparalleled opportunity and is the true road to self-empowerment.

The Master chooses every line of code and every symbol with precise purpose, infinite value and infinite humor. He releases the illusion of being in control for the reality of being an efficient and conscious creator. He knows that the reality of control is the truth that as we give, so we receive. As we sow, so we reap. As we program the reality (the text and flow) of our lives so we also experience them. Nor, regardless of any opinions to the contrary, can we experience out of context with our own programming. (Computer programmers can understand this on the electronics level.)

All humans, save the Master Programmers, are creating their own lives more or less unconsciously, but are fully responsible for creating them, nonetheless.

Master programmers are also on different levels of evolvement, but share a common bond. The emphasis is that they are programming their lives on various levels of consciousness rather than of unconsciousness.

The Master of Life programs only with integrity: meaning through his/her whole, complete and integrated Self. The Master does not attempt to complete his whole structure, using partial and incomplete tools and methods. ALL CREATION and ALL levels of CREATION are accomplished wholly through ORIGINAL THOUGHT (MIND), EMOTION (PRIMAL FORCE) and WORD (MANIFESTATION). To attempt to create while leaving out part of the whole is to paralyze our creativity and push ourselves into the paradox of "unconscious programming".

To be less than Whole and integrated is to be less than fully conscious. The Master Programmer is working with a four-fold structure with infinite as well as finite possibilities.
1. THOUGHT is original conception.
2. EMOTION is primal movement or birth.
3. WORD is manifestation on the cosmic and material planes.
4. ACTION is the experience of that which is already created on the subliminal, subtle and energetic levels.

Many confuse action with creating. Painting a picture, sewing a dress, building a cathedral are celebrating that which already exists on the creatorship level. Celebrating is the highest form of creative art. We exist to create, to celebrate and to expand, infinitely. The master creates his/her "Thought, Emotion, Word programs" with enthusiastic preference; love, tenderness, joy, exuberance, wisdom, humor; carefree and compassionate so that he or she may celebrate in like manner.

Our beautiful Planet Earth is waking up. Humankind is in the throes of change. There are always those who will take the brunt and lead the way. The hard corners, sharp and prickly edges of our unconsciousness are beginning to soften beneath the warming Rays of the rising Sun of a NEW AGE: a higher consciousness for the children of men.

One excellent symbology is that ORIGINAL THOUGHT is GOD the FATHER. ORIGINAL EMOTION, GOD the MOTHER. ORIGINAL WORD, GOD the SON. This is the very stuff of which even the cells of our physical bodies are made: this is the signature at the heart of every spinning atom.

Question: Do you know WHO YOU ARE, yet? Join us. Join in REAL FUN and CELEBRATION. We invite you, in your own time and way, to begin to be the MASTER PROGRAMMER of your own life and destiny.

Your fellow traveler, Ronald Neal Quinn


added 26, March 2001

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