Some Peotry and some other writings, including funny stuff from the 1960s


From a section of a Massachusetts newspaper called Cocked Eyebrow from 1967 or 1968, Probably the Lawrence Eagle Tribune of Lawrence. Yes, the baby boomers were young once.
By Stan Anton

We’re not sure we could survive
as a teenager today.  There are
too many people looking
over your shoulder
on too many things.

It seems to us that we’ve entered
the age of over education for
you kids.
Everything you
is considered a part of your
formal education. Even after
school hours.

It’s a kind of
tippy-toe tyranny
that steps all
over your private life.

Your music is a good case in point.
Even a charming, highly sentimental
song like the
“Ballad of Billy Joe”
is looked upon with censorious eyes.
Its style is strange,
and the lyrics sing a song
out of step with the
formal educational process.
(And, for heaven’s sake, what did
they throw off the bridge?)

Well, of course it is.
Out of step.
It’s your tune,
not ours.
And it’s part of a personal learning
process that has little to do with school.
It’s a part of finding out what it’s all
And a part of your choosing your own
style of life.

Some adults feel they should be given
equal time to answer.
We don’t agree.
We feel they have more than their
fair share of your time.

It doesn’t seem right
to us, that anyone should
your right
to find
your own way.



From a newspaper in 1967


I’m a little teapot,
Short and stout.
Here is my handle,
Here is my spout.
When you tip me over,
I begin to shout –
“Sock it to me, baby –
Let it all hang out!!”


Some other funny items from a 1960s newspaper

    A young chemical engineering student took his girl to the open-air opera one beautiful warm summer evening.  During the first act he found it necessary to excuse himself.  He asked the usher where the men’s room was.
    “Turn left, and walk down to the big oak tree, and there it is.”
    The young engineer did as he was told and in due time returned to his seat.
    “Is the second act over yet?” he asked his date.
    “You ought to know,” she replied, “you were in it.”



    Adam and Eve were the first bookkeepers . . . . . they invented the loose leaf system.


    Two little German boys were walking through the mountains with their mother.  As one of them suddenly pushed her off the cliff he chuckled to the other, “Look, Hans, no ma.”


    Sign on a store: “Mother-in-law died.  Closed for the holidays.”


    Once upon a time there was a boy penguin and a girl penguin who met at the equator.  After a brief charming interlude the boy went North, to the North Pole, and the girl went South to the South Pole.  Later on, a telegram arrived at the North Pole stating simply:  “Come quickly-am with Byrd.”
Now-a-days it would have to be changed to, “Later on, he received a text from her, ‘Come quickly am with Byrd”

I have the originals of the above newspaper items.

Added July 20, 201

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