Fun Test - Life's Crucial Decisions


Get a piece of paper, then answer the questions below. Don't look at the analysis until you've answered all the questions.

1. A box is lying in the road. What is inside?

2. If you could choose one place to live the rest of your life, where would it be?

3. You have been wandering around lost in the desert all day when you suddenly you see a village in the distance. You also notice an oasis not too far away. Where do you decide to go?

4. What would you do if you suddenly lost everything?

5 Tomorrow is Sunday. What are you going to do?

6. If you get into a tight spot, who would you go to for help?

7. What age would you like to be for the rest of your life?

8. If someone told you that you had just 24 hours to live, how would you spend them?

9. If you could save only one thing from a fire, what would it be? (Pets, kids and spouses don't count here - only things)



1. Your answer reveals what kind of luck you think you will have in an unexpected circumstance.

If you imagined something that is of no value to you, then you believe that good luck is out of reach. If you imagined something valuable such as treasure, then you believe that it will definitely be yours someday. If there is nothing in the box then you don't believe in luck. Reality is built on practicalities.

2. If you chose the place where you live already, your life is comfortable and gratifying. If you chose a far away destination, you are a dreamer or a romantic. If you can't decide where to live then you have no strong attachment or loyalties.

3. You answer describes your personal work ethic.

If you go to the oasis, you prefer to play first and work later. You dislike rules and regulations and can be impulsive at times. You procrastinate and you like to multitask.

If you go straight to the village then you like to assume responsibility. You know how to make good use of your time and you plan your day carefully. You prefer finishing projects rather than starting them and you take deadlines seriously.

4. Those who would look to make a fresh start are likely to be people who take responsibility for their actions and don't simply react to life's circumstances.

5. Your answer describes your spending habits. Sunday is a day you are free to use however you want. Having freedom to do whatever you want is like having money to spend however you want.

If you decide to stay home and take it easy you spend as little as possible. If you go shopping you generally spend whatever you have. If you do a sport you save for a rainy day. If you go out for a walk you spend carefully.

6. Those who would try to fix things themselves are self assured and strong characters. Those who turn to friends or family are a little insecure and are not ready to accept full responsibility in difficult situations. Those who seek practical advice from a lawyer or other professional are realists.

7. The age you choose generally represents the period when you were happiest and had a lot of self confidence. Those who wish to return to their childhood years long for the period where they had no responsibility. Those who choose their present age are emotionally mature and successful. People over forty generally choose an age ten years younger.

8. If you chose close friends and family, you have an emotional and sentimental nature. If you would rather be alone, then you might be moody and discontented. If you chose to party and have a good time, you submit to fate with your composure intact. If you would keep the knowledge to yourself and spend the day as usual, you are brave and resilient.

9. If it's a photo album or something similar then you are sentimental. If the object is an article of clothing to cover yourself, you are cautious and conventional. If choose something that has a high monetary value you are rather materialistic. If you choose your passport or laptop, you are practical.

How do you like your results?

Added July 16, 2012

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