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About the Roman Catholic Church
My Experiences

My Papers from 4th grade Sunday School in the 1950s - Lessons About the 10 Commandments

There is no actual Roman Catholic Church web site as far as I can tell. I couldn't find one, just certain archdioceses have some, and I'm not going to link to all of them. Here is the link about the church at Wikipedia though: Catholic Church Wikipedia


December 26, 2017 ... I'm adding this addendum, at the top. As mentioned, I quit the Catholic church when I was 16.
I have a bunch of Catholic rosaries; I have some of my mother's Catholic religious medals. I don't know why I keep them, but I do. Just because they belonged to my mother, or my mother would have liked them, I guess.
I have my mother's bible. We have the bible my husband was given when he was little. I also have a copy of the book of Mormon. We have several Hindu books including the Bhagavad Gita and some Vedic texts. We have a bunch of New Age books. We don't read any of them hardly any more. I might take one out occasionally, particularly my mother's bible, when a passage is mentioned in a book. I have some Hindu holy people's images around. We were into all that stuff once - twice - several times - upon a time.  No more. We have no religion. None. They are all annoying. I meditate on occasion. I do conscious breathing on occasion.
I have a cousin who recently mentioned that we stopped being close friends when we were teenagers. She seemed sorry.
That was when I quit the church. She is STILL into Catholic church stuff. I don't know why. I can't stand it. What a bunch of hypocrites. 
Any time a religious thing comes on TV, I change the channel. Except when they show really old books and stuff. That's okay.
Okay. Enough about that. I don't want to get into any discussions with anyone. My sister Jacqui tried to get me to join a Christian religion. I couldn't and I can't. 
I just had to say all that. My mind is made up. No more Catholicism. No more religion. No more nothing.

My Story

Image: Girl's dressed for May Day in Massachusetts in 1964
Me and some friends in front of "my" church in 1964

My mother was a devout Catholic. I'm sure she wanted all her children to become the same. None of them did. I don't think anyone in our family is actually Catholic. There are a few Christians though. Like I said, I quit at the age of 16 and I will never go back. I do still collect rosaries and prayer cards - just a few - I don't have that many. I don't know exactly why. They intrigue me. I also posted some paperwork from my school days that I did at church. See the link above.

Image: Girl with nun
Me with a Catholic nun in 1958 for my first communion

One thing I remember to this day from when I was very young: I either took Sunday School classes or Catechism classes, or both. I remember one of our teachers of the time and what she did. I was quite young, like I said and very impressionable. I loved these classes and believed everything I was taught. During one class she pulled out a poster or picture of Jesus Christ that she had found in someone's trash can. She was crying. She couldn't believe how anyone could do anything like that. I remember crying also. I also felt sad that someone would do such a thing. I was totally taken in by the dogma of the Catholic Church.

I was Christened a Catholic when I was a baby, I had my fist communion and I was confirmed in Saint Lucy's Catholic Church in Methuen, Massachusetts. I didn't really know what it was all about. I was just going along with the program. It seemed like a good thing to do. I was just doing what my mother wanted me to do. I was just pleasing my mother at this young age. I was confirmed a Catholic at the age of 12 and picked a confirmation name of Katheryn. That's too early in one's life, in my opinion. We were told we should pick a saint's name or a holy person's name, but we could spell it however we wanted. So I chose Catherine, but spelled it Katheryn. Even back then I had a mind of my own and wanted to assert my own opinion.


Clickable Image: Girl in white dress in front of church
Me in my confirmation dress

I was in the choir. I loved singing those religious songs. I LOVED going around to houses during the Christmas season in my area of Massachusetts singing Christmas carols. The people loved having us children come around. Do any children still do that?

My main problem that I recall was that they said that everyone except those who went to their church every Sunday and believed their dogma would go to Hell. That is a big problem for me.

We were taught in Sunday school, according to my recollection: Where is God? The answer: God is everywhere. Let me think about this. If God is everywhere then how can anyone else practicing any other religion go to Hell? We were told to never go to any other church's services either. Never.

Clickable Image: Linda & Bert First wedding
My husband in I on our first wedding day

The first time I got married to my current husband in 1977 we got married in the same Catholic church where I had been baptised and confirmed. Again I did this to please my mother. I loved my husband and knew I did. We had to go to two or three weeks of meetings and had to agree to have lots of children, not use any contraceptives and bring them all up Catholic. We lied. My daughter is a free soul and is part of no church or religion. I only had the one child. One child was enough. I know some people who are Catholics or Christians and are like rabbits and have lots of children. That was not for me. I'm not going to say any more about that. If you really want to read my article/story entitled Have Less Kids click the link.

I have my mother's Roman Catholic bible. I had one of my sisters send it to me. I promised that sister and another sister that I would read it. Well, I do take it out on occasion and read a bit.

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