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Other Journeys I Have Taken to Other Realms

June 19, 2005
I was dreaming (or maybe I was in a trance during a journey) one morning and heard a voice calling out saying something like, "Stay away! Stay away!" Then I found myself in a small stark room with a woman with some creatures tormenting her. I couldn't see the creatures clearly. They were dark and darkness was about them. I had on my white cloak and was dressed in white.
      I put my arms out and said something like, "Go away" or "get out of here" or "be gone" three times and they were gone. One of my guides was there with me. This was, of course, all on the astral plane, definitely some other plane of existence. I tried to take the woman by the hand but she was still in the corner looking at the floor. From somewhere came the message to gently tap her on the head with the palm of my hand and send her some white light energy. So I did. She looked up at the ceiling (if there was one) and smiled and rose up and out of there. Then I came back to myself and woke up. I felt very good about helping this spirit being. I don't feel that the woman was me or any of my soul parts. I feel she was a lost soul/spirit. I thanked my spirit guide and got a wave of loving energy around me.
      Also I awoke with the feeling of the lotus flower around me and the feeling of a lotus with many petals around my heart.
      The following evening I did another similar "rescue." This time I was in a black cape. My guide said the black cape was necessary. There was a young woman slouched in a corner. The space was very dark, almost black. After a while just looking at the woman my cape became a lovely dark blue and we had blue light around us. The woman looked up and saw me standing there. She asked, "Who are you?" I said I was there to help her. Suddenly it began to become a dark green and then a lighter green around us. Eventually we were in a green meadow. My guide was there with us the whole time. The woman spirit was still slouched. She bent over in the grass and said something about what a terrible person she had been and that she didn't deserve this. My guide said that the woman would eventually realize that she did deserve that and that this woman would remain here for some time. She would be fine. I sensed an mage of the woman eventually getting up and running happily through the meadow. I came back and left her there.
      My guide said that sometimes souls/spirits could only be rescued only so far and time would heal them further.


September 24, 2005
      I was doing a journey with one of my guides. I met with her and said that I would like to be taken to where I was needed. That seems to be a good and useful term for me to use. It seems to be "my" term. She led me down and down into darkness. I felt myself in a dark hallway, then we went through a door into a dark room with red and black - mostly black.
      There was a girl of about 18 or 19 in there all dressed in black and maybe a bit of red. I got the feeling that she was a stuck spirit and that this was what her room looked like on earth in ordinary reality. My guide said she had been in a car accident and that she was stuck in this place. I saw from outside this scene as well as from my own view point. My guide was invisible to the girl and I was very see-through. But still somewhat visible. the girl wondered who I was. She seemed dazed. She didn't know she was dead. I felt like she had been dead for a couple of years. When I mentioned this to her she seemed frightened. I said she wasn't really "dead and gone." I told her she is a spirit who still lived on another plane of existence. She wondered about her parents. I said they loved her and missed her. I could feel this on some level. As I spoke to her of various things, the room around us got lighter, and I got a bit more solid. When my guide and I left her she was in a dark green world and I felt other beings around that were perhaps waiting for her and were there to help her.
      My guide then led me to another place. The room was pink and it was occupied by a woman with a poofy hairdo from the 1950s and in a pink dress. She had killed herself. We helped her get out of this stuck space and more into the light. She was ready to do this.
Both of these experiences were very fulfilling and I feel that this is one of my purposes in life.

I don't feel that suicide is so terrible as the Christians feel. I don't believe in hell. I believe that we make our own hell and we can get out of it and shamans and other people can help "stuck" souls to get unstuck.


I stopped doing these journeys in 2005. I had some troubles with the leader of our Shamanic classes. Do I go back to doing journeys on my own? I did a few but they are not as powerful as they were in the group I was in. The thing is, the leader of our group can be a pain in the neck, plus he smokes cigarettes and I hate breathing that. It really bothers me that he can be so great while being in shamanic mode, but is terrible in relationships in "normal" mode. I think I have written about this elsewhere - scroll down to May 19, 2006 - so that's all I will say for now here.

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