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The speech by my sister Jacqui at our parents 60th wedding anniversary:
July 1, 1995
60th Wedding Anniversary party of Cecelia & Joseph Bohne
(married June 29, 1935)

We would like to welcome you all to this grand and glorious occasion! 60 years, can you imagine 60 years!?

Most of you know me, but for those of you who don’t, I’m  the oldest, and Jacqueline is my name.

We have some pretty amazing stories, but, well, we won’t go into those because I’d be standing here all day.

Image: Man and woman getting out of limo
My parents getting out of the limo

My parents were unselfish and provided for our family.  They very seldom went off by themselves; we were always with them.  They both worked very hard, my father at his jobs earning money and at his tasks at home, and my mother also worked, but was always there lending a helping hand, being a nurse, a cook, a teacher, which wasn’t always easy.  She taught me, among other things, to sew, knit, crochet, so that now I have her to thank for my talents.

Image: My parents at their 60th anniversary party
My parents sitting at their 60th anniversary party

My parents are two wonderful people whom I love very much.  I would have to say that their greatest achievement in life was as parents.

Mom and Dad are loving, kind, and very wise.  Their guidance has taught us to stay on the straight and narrow path.  They have a definite zest for life which they have passed on to us.  Yet, my greatest joy is that they love me as I am.

Mom taught us about God, and may all of us be truly thankful for our families, and it was with God’s grace that I have been blessed with such special parents and siblings, not to mention my children and their children.  What a wonderful family I have!

                                   ~ Jacqueline

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