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St. Pat's Seminary in Los Altos Hills, California where we lived when Erica was born. This was taken in 1980 or 1981. We walked to the top of this tower which looked out over Silicon Valley.

Image: St. Pat's Seminary Los Altos, CA
My husband and I lived behind this compound, in a seperate building, from some time in 1980 until fall or winter of 1981. While we were here part of this was called the Sidha Village and was rented by the Transcendental Meditation (TM) organization. We had a room and shared a bathroom with another couple. We ate in a community room. We meditated and did our TM program with a group. I rmember we used to take walks in the state forest near here and I also remember a swimming pool here as well. Photo by me. Wish I had taken more pictures of this place and of when we lived there. This is the only one.

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