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Album: May 27, 2011, drive south of where we live - Carson Estates, Two Peaks - to Three Peaks, the other extinct Volcano Mountain in northern New Mexico



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Drive to the south of us - and a bit west. The dried up river bed showing the rocks from the old bridge that used to be there, probably back in the 1800s. We walked along this dry stream bed. There's very cool sand to walk in - like at the beach. I've heard it gets wet at times. We have not seen it wet.
Image: This looks like a sandy road with small trees, dried grasses and sagebrush growing along it with a blue sky
On May 27, 2011 my husband and I had a great drive to the south of us. These are places we had never been before. Way, way out in the boonies. It was a rough and bumpy ride out there. We won't be going there again, not as far as I know. We probably will go to the dry river bed though - I'd like to see it with water in it. But then, maybe not; if it did have water in it the road there would probably be very muddy.

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