The Tazonian Dilemma

The Tazonian Dilemma - What's Really Going On
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Well, here you go. This list explains what these images really are.
These images were all taken in at night with only the light from the neighboring apartment complex and with a time exposure using a digital camera.

1. Sunrise Over Zuli Outpost
A piece of gold cloth, a glass crystal ball, a glass faceted crystal, a large rock with mica, a mirror and a little glass square.

2. Geothermal Energy Globe Firing Up
A dark blue cloth, a pocked outdoor table, the glass crystal ball on a three-legged stand, behind the crystal ball a rock with Pyrite, Below a quartz crystal, and in front a shape made of aluminum.

3. Geothermal Energy Globe At Rest
Same as above from different angle.

4. Galaxy Gem (Overhead View)
A paper weight with spirals inside set on a round mirror with leaves lighted by the apartment lights reflected in it.

5. Galaxy Gem At Work
Same as above. The spiral was made by a moving, spiraling lit cigarette.

6. Ancient Ruins of The Zagonium Empire
This is cool. I was walking along out road at night taking photos and found this mark in the dirt along the road. I had to take a picture of it. It was what gave us the idea for this project.

7. Supersonic Amplifier
A regular ceiling fan duplicated with PhotoShop. The sky was taken just before a storm hit. Fan photograph by Brenda Euwer, Sky by Linda.

8. Supersonic Amplifier Changing Course
Same as 7.

9. Citizen Observation Device
The center of the same ceiling fan and a sky photo worked and changed with PhotoShop.

10. Space Shot of Lazor
This was taken of the road with some apartment lights shining through leaves of trees and New Mexico style fence. This was another one that gave us the idea for this project.

11. Space Station #1 - Crystal Formulator
A Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) that I made out of cardboard, gold paint and gold glitter, along with the round mirror and the glass faceted crystal sitting inside a dark "cauldron" with a black cloth under them. (See picture below)
Image: Linda Lange with star tetrahedron, merkaba
Would you like to make your own Merkaba? Otherwise known as a Star Tetrahedron.
Go to this website
Eagle Spirit Ministry: How to Make a Merkaba

12. Space Station #2 - Crystal Charger
Same as 11 only darker.

13. Space Station Construction Site at Baroz - Night Scene
The same Star Tetrahedron, yellow water hose, the glass faceted crystal, the round mirror, and the glass square.

14. Space Station Construction Site at Baroz - in Daylight
Same as 13.

15. Space Station #3 - Launched and in Orbit
The Star Tetrahedron with the background removed in PhotoShop and with a new starry sky added also worked with PhotoShop.

16. Inside Space Station #2 - Charging Coils
A chain link fence from an angle.

17. Inside Space Station #2 - Coils powered up
I moved my camera around during a long exposure while pointing at some lights.

18. Mother Ship Entering Deep Space
A stainless steel frying pan lid, a metal bowl and some foil "paper" held together with some plastic coated wire. See photo of Rob holding his creation.
Image: Rob MacGregor with space craft

19. Mother Ship En Route to Earth
Same as above.

20. Close-up of Mother Ship
Same as 18.

21. Surging Energy from Mother Ship
Same as above with time exposure on the camera and a lighted cigarette moving around the above object.

22. Launching of Scout Ship
Same as 18 with a wire toy that I have which can change into many different shapes. You can see the toy behind Rob in the above photo.

23. Scout Ship Takes Off
Same as 22 with different color worked in PhotoShop.

24. Scout Ship Approaching Earth
The wire toy with a couple of added images that I got off the Internet.

Photography by, except where noted otherwise.
Sets and Story Line by Rob MacGregor.
This is A Web Photo Story which I created for my PhotoShop class in college.
I got an A+! Yeah, I know. It's kind of silly.

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