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Art Expeditions and Workshops, Taos Art School, New Mexico.

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AngelStar Metaphysical Site
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The Tazonian Dilemma - A Web Photo Story which I created for my PhotoShop class in college. I got an A+! Yeah, I know. It's kind of silly.


I have been working and playing with computers since I was 36 and working on Websites since I was about 45. I'm now 65 years old and retired. I have paid for hosting of this, my site, until 2020. I'm working on updating it so it can be viewed on mobile devices. Please be patient.

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I'm not doing this Web site design work any more. I am not taking on any new clients.

Some Websites I work on and have worked on. Web sites I have created - old school. Only view on a computer or laptop.

Clickable Image: My daughter's artwork website. pandora gold,, angelstar, angel star creations
Pandora Gold - Artist 

Clickable Image: The Taos ARt School, workshops, artist, angelstar, angel star creations
Taos Art School


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Linda's Original Photo Album

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Angelstar's Metaphysical Site


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Image: Friends of DH Lawrence Website
Friends of DH Lawrence

Clickable Image: Kim Henkel Sculpture
Kim Henkel Sculpture

Image: The Ground Crew, Valerie Donner in California
The Ground Crew

Deleted from my site:
Abby CertainClouds | Wildart Artwork

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I used to do WebSite creations for people, but now I only have a few clients that I do updates and maintenance for. I'm retired as of May of 2016. I have listed here some of the websites and pages I am currently updating on my own Website plus a few others I am still maintaining for other people and businesses.