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Web Site Design by Angel Star
I'm not really doing this Web design work any more.
This is now my personal site, but below are some sites I work on and have created in the past.

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Created by Me:

Art Expeditions and Workshops, Taos Art School, New Mexico.

Certain Clouds - Fashion Design in Los Angeles

Linda's Personal Home Page:

Pandora Gold Art Web site:

AngelStar Metaphysical Site
in Taos, New Mexico:

The Tazonian Dilemma - A Web Photo Story which I created for my PhotoShop class in college. I got an A+!

More Created by Me:

My husband's site: Synergy Itself.

Rob MacGregor's Beautiful artworks:

Currently Updating/Maintaining:

The Ground Crew in California, Light Workers who serve humanity...

Friends of DH Lawrence, a nonprofit educational and cultural organization.

Kim Henkel Sculpture & Photography

I love this place below for all my web hosting and domain needs! I feel confident in referring my clients, family and friends to them. They will even help you build your own Web site within their templates. If you want more, contact me!



Quote from "This delightful site by Linda of AngelStar Creations offers Web Design and Update services. Building an effective web site can make a huge difference in responsiveness and customer satisfaction. AngelStar offers some information you'll need to make an informed buying decision."

During the creation of a Web site, I scan images or use the images and text that that my client gives me. I also take digital images when requested to do so. I also have a few ways to make a site higher on Google rankings.

AngelStar Creations * Taos, NM 87571

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