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Study guide for use in my Blue Planet, Environmental Science Class, page 11

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Chaisson, E., & McMillan, S. (2004). Astronomy: A beginner’s guide to the Universe. Upper Saddle River,
NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.  Page 151.
What it says: Figure 5.20 Earth's Magnetosphere Earth's magnetic field resembles somewhat the field of an enormous bar magnet buried inside our planet. The white arrowheads on the field lines indicate the direction in which a compass needle would point. Far from Earth, the magnetosphere is greatly distorted by the solar wind, with a long tail extending from the nighttime side of Earth well into space. The magnetopause is the boundary of the magnetosphere in the sunward direction.


Image: illustration showing magnetic compas course - angelstar creations

Åkesson, S., Alerstam, T., & Muheim, R. (2003). Compass Orientation and Possible Migration routes of Passerine Birds at High Arctic Latitudes. OIKOS: A Journal of Ecology, 103(2), 347.
What it says: Fig. 2. (a) Hypothetical magnetic compass course a Savannah sparrow has to follow in order to reach the species-specific wintering area, assuming that it starts its migration from Inuvik with a compass course o 79° (corresponding to the geographic course of 113°) and follows a route as shown in (b).

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