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Study guide for use in my Blue Planet, Environmental Science Class, page 13-14

Image: illustration of waterfowl movements - angelstar creatons
Map of North America from page 204 of Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior.

What it says: Waterfowl movements. Historically, waterfowl movements have been portrayed as though birds simply travel north and south within four continental flyways (shown here with arrows from left to right: Pacific, Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic). Based on banding studies, biologists now know that there is also much movement between flyways during both migration and dispersal. Nonetheless, the flyways concept remains useful and is the basis for much waterfowl management. This map shows locations where Green-winged Teals banded in Kansas (blue) and Quebec (red) were subsequently found. Banding sites are shown with large squares.


2001. p. 204. Image below of a pair of green-wing teals from
Image: teals - waterfowl birds - angelstar creations

Image: illustration of the migration of swainson's hawk - angelstar creations
Map of migration of Swainson’s Hawk from 223 of Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior. 2001. p. 223.
What it says: Migration of Swainson's Hawk. Perhaps the most ambitious migration of any accipitrid is performed by Swainson's Hawk. This species breeds in western North America (orange), with isolated populations north of the main breeding range, and migrates in flocks through Central America to Argentina (yellow; the exact migration route across the Amazon basin is unknown). The main wintering grounds (blue) are poorly documented and may be shifting north as deforestation creates more suitable habitat in Brazil.

Swainson’s Hawk image from
Image: Swainson's hawk

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