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Cochran, W. W., Mouritsen, H., & Wikelski, M. (2004).  Migrating Songbirds Recalibrate Their Magnetic compass Daily from Twilight Cues. Science, 304(5669), 407.

What it says: Fig. 2. Tracks of free-flying (A) gray-cheeked thrushes and (B) Swainson's thrushes. Arrows indicate the direction and ground track of flights if the flights were conducted under no-wind conditions (22). Data are depicted differently in (A) and (B) because for gray -cheeked thrushes experimental and control birds are different individuals. Whereas in Swainson's thrushes the same experimental individuals were followed for ar least two successive nocturnal migrations (because o the large spread in natural headings) (Fig. 1). Connected arrows show flights of the same individual during successive nights. Arrows depict natural migratory flights in black; experimental birds for which the magnetic field was turned east before takeoff, red; subsequent night flights of experimental birds, yellow; and experimental birds that did not migrate on the night o magnetic treatment but did so 1 to 6 days later, white. Broken lines indicate that birds were lost during tracking at the site where the broken lines start.

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